Why Is My Car Key Remote Not Working?

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In this day and age, cars are a necessity for many people in Philadelphia. And with that, car thefts have become more common. One way to help prevent your car from being stolen is to use a car key fob. A car key fob is a device that attaches to your key chain and helps you start your car without having to actually use the key. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all do the same job. If you’re looking for a way to make your life a little bit easier, then a car key fob is definitely something worth considering.

When your car keys don’t work, it’s usually because of a dead battery. However, there are other issues that could be causing the problem too and require more work to fix. if you determine this is something you can’t do and need an expert to do the job then don’t hesitate to call Key On Spot Locksmith.

Reasons Why Car Key Fob Not Working

The key remote fobs are convenient, but they all stop working eventually. The most common cause of its malfunction is worn-out batteries. You might not think that your remote’s battery would wear down as quickly, but it can actually happen even if you don’t drive a lot.

When a car remote fob is not in use, the battery will continuously discharge power. Extreme heat or cold can speed up this rate of decline and lead to proximity remote fob failure sooner than expected. A simple replacement of batteries can fix the problem.

Another reason your car key fob may not work is due to physical damage. The smart key transmitter fob is a very delicate and vulnerable piece of equipment. It’s not uncommon for the keys to get dropped, banged around, or exposed to heat and cold on a daily basis while in your possession. With enough hard usage, the integrated circuit board inside of a fob can be damaged or destroyed. If you soak it in water for too long then expect some damage to occur on-chip which will result in failure of remotes just like any other electronic device. Calling a local locksmith in Philadelphia is your best bet for fixing the key fob issue.

When the car battery dies or you replace it with a new one, you may need to program or reprogram your key fob when the car battery is disconnected, or replaced with a new one.  Similarly, when you replace the key fob or you replace a dead battery in your existing remote, you need to reprogram it in order to work.

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The key fob for your car is an important device. It can be used to unlock and start the vehicle, as well as activate other features such as remote trunk opening or panic mode. When it suddenly stops working, you may be feeling panic and fear that you’ll never get back to work or home again. Don’t worry! Key On Spot Locksmith can help you find a replacement for any lost or worn-out auto remotes with our 24-hour locksmith service, just give us a call at 267-296-1026! We’ll have one of our expert locksmiths come out to take care of any issues right away so you don’t have to worry about being stranded again anytime soon.

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