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Las Vegas, NV, March 02, 2023Over The Top Mounts, a leading TV mounting service provider in Las Vegas, has announced the launch of a new range of innovative and affordable TV mounting solutions for residential and commercial customers. With years of experience in the industry, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality services and exceptional customer experience.

The new range of TV mounting solutions from Over The Top Mounts is designed to cater to the growing demand for advanced and easy-to-use TV mounting systems that provide an enhanced viewing experience and convenience. The company’s experts have developed these solutions with a focus on innovation, affordability, and quality, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Types of TV Mounts in Las Vegas

“Our goal at Over The Top Mounts is to provide our customers with the best TV mounting solutions that enhance their viewing experience and bring more convenience to their lives,” said the company spokesperson. “We understand that customers want advanced, easy-to-use, and affordable solutions, and that’s what we aim to provide with our new range of TV mounting solutions.”

The new range of TV mounting solutions from Over The Top Mounts includes a wide variety of products designed to cater to different customer needs and preferences. Some of the popular products in this range include:

Types of TV Mounts

  1. Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV mounts are the simplest and most affordable type of TV mount. As the name suggests, they hold the TV in a fixed position, which means you cannot adjust the angle or position of the TV once it’s mounted. Fixed TV mounts are typically easy to install, and they offer a clean and minimalistic look.

  1. Tilting TV Mounts

Tilting TV mounts allow you to adjust the angle of the TV up or down, which can be helpful if your TV is mounted higher than eye level. With a tilting TV mount, you can tilt the TV downwards to achieve a better viewing angle. Tilting TV mounts are slightly more expensive than fixed TV mounts, but they offer added flexibility.

  1. Full Motion TV Mounts

Full motion TV mounts, also known as articulating TV mounts, are the most flexible type of TV mount available. With a full-motion TV mount, you can adjust the angle, position, and even distance of the TV from the wall. This type of mount is ideal if you want to be able to adjust the TV to different viewing positions. Full-motion TV mounts are more expensive than fixed or tilting mounts, but they offer the most versatility.

Customized TV Mounting Solutions Las Vegas NV

Innovative and Affordable TV Mounting Solutions for Residential and Commercial Customers

Over The Top Mounts offers a wide range of TV mounting solutions for both residential and commercial customers. With years of experience in the industry, the company’s experts understand the unique requirements of different customers and provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Some of the key features of the company’s TV mounting solutions include:

Advanced and Easy-to-Use TV Mounting Systems

Over The Top Mounts’ TV mounting solutions are designed to be advanced and easy to use, providing customers with a hassle-free viewing experience. The company’s experts use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that the TV mounting systems are easy to install, use, and maintain.

Affordable and High-Quality TV Mounting Solutions

Over The Top Mounts understands that customers want affordable TV mounting solutions without compromising on quality. That’s why the company’s experts have developed a range of affordable TV mounting solutions that provide exceptional quality and durability.

Affordable TV Mounting Solutions in Las Vegas NV

Customized TV Mounting Solutions for Unique Customer Needs

Over The Top Mounts’ experts provide customized TV mounting solutions for customers with unique requirements. Whether it’s a specific type of wall or a specific TV model, the company’s experts can provide a tailored solution that meets the customer’s needs.

Over The Top Mounts in Las Vegas, NV is a great choice for your TV mounting needs. They are a well-established company that has been in business for over years now and has a proven track record of excellence, making them the ideal provider for your mounting needs. Give them a call today!

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