Keeping Your Chimney Cleaned With TJK Chimney Cleaning Services

Falls Church, VA, December 14, 2022TJK Cleaning is pleased to announce the launch of its new service, chimney cleaning for homes in Falls Church, VA. With our certified and trusted technicians, we can help you protect your fireplace and chimney investments.

The fireplace is a staple of any home. It’s a place where we can gather with friends and family, roast marshmallows on top of glowing embers, and tell stories around the fire while snuggling up in blankets. But many homeowners don’t realize that without regular maintenance, their fireplace can become a serious safety hazard. That’s why we’re offering this new service—to help homeowners keep their homes safe and their fireplaces clean!

Our certified chimney sweepers will make sure your fireplace is working properly so you can enjoy all its benefits without worrying about what might go wrong. We offer full-service inspections that include cleaning out ashes and debris from inside the flue, sweeping out creosote buildup from around your flue opening (which reduces smoke emissions), inspecting for damage or corrosion due to water leaking into your chimney from above-ground sources such as rainwater or melting snow above your roofline; inspecting for cracks in mortar joints between bricks or stones that could lead to dangerous structural issues.

Why Hire A Chimney Cleaning Service? 

The fireplace and chimney are an important part of a home. You should make sure that everything is working properly to avoid any safety hazards. It’s not just about aesthetics, but it’s also about your safety and the safety of your family. A good chimney cleaning service will always have safety measures and precautions in place before they start cleaning the chimney. They will make sure that the area is clean and that nothing will disrupt or hinder their work. Depending on the service that you hire, they will use different tools to clean the chimney such as brushes and vacuum hoses. 

They may also do some restoration work if there is some damage to your fireplace. If you want to save money, then you can do it yourself but you need to be careful because a wrong move could put your life in danger due to bad insulation or falling down the chimney. There are different signs that indicate if your fireplace needs cleaning such as smoke coming out of the cracks, too much dust on the outer walls of your fireplace, or less heat when you use it. It’s best to call a professional if you find any of these symptoms so they can fix it right away and avoid any safety issues.

Fireplace Cleaning

A Dirty Chimney Puts Your Family’s Safety At Risk

Cleaning your chimney is not a difficult task. But to ensure that the fire in your fireplace doesn’t spark and smoke up your house, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. Chimneys can look like they’re clean, but they can hide creosote deposits that are extremely flammable and smelly. Creosote is black carbon residue from fires. 

It builds up on the inside of the chimney over time and cannot be removed with household chemicals or brushes. A professional chimney cleaning service can remove creosote by brushing and power washing the inside of your chimney.  A dirty chimney that is clogged with creosote deposits will also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s either there is a blockage in the chimneys causing ta backdraft and releasing the carbon monoxide into your home.  It’s best to let a professional cleaning company handle these situations to consider the safety of you, your family, and your home.

What To Look For A Cleaning Company For Your Chimney Cleaning Needs

When it comes to cleaning service for your chimney, fireplace, and venting system, there are certain things that you should look for. One, you want a company that has CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep credentials. This is awarded to those who have passed an intense and long examination that requires knowledge of fire codes, clearances, and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimneys and venting systems. 

Make sure they know the National Fire Protection Association. To verify their skills, you want someone with client testimonies. Finally, you want your chimney cleaners to be licensed and insured in case anything happens or is damaged.

Choose TJK Cleaning For Your Chimney Cleaning Needs!

When it comes to chimney cleaning, you want a team of experts who are qualified and certified. TJK Air Cleaning has all of the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and our ability to take on challenging situations. Contact us today for all of your chimney cleaning needs!


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