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Over the years, BCS Overhead Door has been helping College Station residents with their garage door needs. We install beautiful overhead doors and can provide you with a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. Our technicians are trained to fix any problem you may have with your garage door, from a broken spring to a faulty motor.

We have been creating and installing beautiful garage doors over the years. We know what it takes to make a durable, functional, and attractive product. Whether you want an extra wide carriage garage door or a sleek woodgrain composite door, we can create a door that will blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior aesthetic.

We also understand that there are specific features that homeowners want or need when they’re shopping for new garage doors. Our experienced team of specialists will work closely with you to design the perfect solution based on your preferences and budget—and we’ll always offer free quotes on any project!

BCS Overhead Door offers garage doors that are built to last and help you save on energy costs. Available in a variety of styles, including:

  • Belt drive garage door
  • Sectional garage door
  • Roller garage door
  • Swing garage door
  • Tilt garage door
  • Carriage garage door
  • Wood garage door

Our steel overhead doors offer strength, durability, and security while still allowing light to filter through the glass panels. They are available in various colors and equipped with an insulated panel system. The insulated panel system is made up of two layers: one layer contains insulation material between two sheets of laminated glass; the other layer includes a reflective foil coating on top that reduces heat loss or gain depending on what season it is (winter or summer). The insulation material helps keep your home comfortable year-round by reducing energy loss through the glass panels by up to 60%.

Differences between residential garage doors and commercial garage doors.

  • Commercial garage doors are larger than residential garage doors, so they require more space in the opening. It’s best to measure the opening before purchasing your door to ensure it fits properly.
  • Commercial garage doors tend to be much heavier than residential ones, so you’ll need a high-strength ceiling track to operate smoothly and safely. Most home garages have low ceilings with wood strip tracks. We recommend upgrading these if you’re planning on installing a commercial door.
  • Commercial-sized doors may also have different numbers of panels than they do spring units, so make sure that you select an appropriate model based on your measurements and weight requirements.

Industrial garage door

Industrial garage doors are usually made from steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, PVC, or composite. The material used depends on the type of door you want to install and the purpose of your garage door. For instance, steel is a good choice if you need an industrial garage door that can withstand high loads and constant use without showing signs of wear and tear after several years.

For those who want an industrial garage door that’s attractive yet practical, then aluminum may be suitable for you too since it also has excellent strength as well as good looks. Wood has been used to make industrial doors because they’re durable but do not look as attractive as other materials so they’re better suited for use indoors rather than outdoors where they might get exposed to weathering elements like rainwater or snow.

Glass garage door

Glass garage doors are made of glass and have a very attractive look. They are solid and stylish, but they also come at a cost. Glass is heavy, so when you get a glass garage door installed, it will be much heavier than your old wooden one. Also, they are expensive compared to other garage doors, which may make them unsuitable for your budget if you’re looking for something affordable and easy on the wallet.

Many people just don’t like having a glass door in their garage because they feel that it’s unsafe or makes them feel insecure when they’re out there working on their cars or bikes. But this isn’t necessarily true, some homeowners use these doors because they like how light reflects off the surface in their garages during the day.

Steel garage door

Steel garage doors are the most common type of garage door. They are manufactured from steel, which makes them strong and durable. Steel garage doors also have a lower cost than aluminum or fiberglass. This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking to save money on a new garage door, as they often last for decades without needing repairs or replacements.

Steel garage doors can be found in high-traffic areas such as city streets due to their strength, durability, and low cost – making them an ideal choice for people who park their vehicles directly outside their homes or businesses.

Automatic sliding gate

An automatic sliding gate is a type of garage door that is controlled by remote control. It opens and closes automatically once you press the button on your remote control. There are many benefits to this type of garage door compared to other types:

  • It’s easy to use, it will open when you approach it and close when you leave the area.
  • It requires little maintenance as there are no cables or pulleys involved in operating it. You only need to ensure enough oil inside the motor every now and then (this takes less than five minutes).
  • The automatic sliding gate can be used for both residential and commercial purposes because it provides security against burglars as well as weather protection from rainstorms or snow storms.

As you can see, many different types of garage doors can be used for a variety of different applications. However, if you’re looking for the perfect door for your home or business, we recommend using either an automatic sliding gate or a steel garage door. These two types of doors offer excellent security while also being able to withstand extreme weather conditions without any problems whatsoever.

When it comes to your home, call on BCS Overhead Door! We are the best, most reliable, most affordable, most experienced, honest, and professional company in the industry. We have a reputation for being honest and trustworthy because we believe that trust should be earned by doing what we say we’re going to do when you need us. We are your one-stop shop for all of your overhead door needs. From the initial consultation to installation, you can count on us to provide you with the best service. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service, so you can rest assured knowing your door will be installed correctly. Contact us now!

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