How to Start a Bathroom Shower Remodel on a Budget

A shower remodeling project on a budget isn’t easy, but it can be made simpler with careful preparation. One of the first steps in the planning process should be to establish your end goal for the shower renovation.

You’ll need to figure out how much time, effort, and money you’re willing to put into it. You should also consider your return on investment. Is this a makeover that will bring measurable value to your property? Or is it something more modest, like making you more satisfied with your daily bathroom routines?

Depending on the sort of shower remodel you want, your budget will have to be adjusted. Walk-in showers, tub-to-shower conversions, and shower stalls all have varying degrees of difficulty.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Shower Remodel

Before you start, there are a few things to think about while remodeling your shower:

  • It’s important to buy quality materials, this will ensure that you have a long-lasting project.
  • Take stock of your shower’s current condition. Identify any areas that need repair or replacement, and make a list of desired updates. This will help you create a realistic budget for the project.
  • Hiring the right remodeling contractor is crucial to getting your project done on time and within budget. Make sure you shop around before making any decisions, as not all contractors offer quality work with competitive pricing.
  • If you’re handy with tools and have some DIY experience, a do-it-yourself project may save you money on labor expenses. However, if you’re doing all of the work yourself but performing it badly, then the money you save today might be wasted in the long run.
  • A shower remodel may cost anywhere from $1,100 to $5,500, according to AngiesList. This is something to keep in mind as you begin the project so that you can get an idea of how successful your budgeting is going to be.

Walk-In Showers or Tubs

The walk-in shower and bathtub are two of the most common types that people deal with during remodeling projects. Both can be modified on a budget, but you just need to find out what material is best suited for your needs before starting any work.

You have two alternative choices: you might either replace your existing tub liner or restore it. Of course, you may purchase a completely new bathtub, but that will be the most costly option. If comfort is more important to you and the price isn’t an issue, we recommend trying out a steam shower for a more luxurious experience.

Walkin shower tubs


Cleaning, sanding, patching, and painting your current bathtub are the steps in a bathtub refinishing project. As you might guess, this is one of the most cost-effective methods since it is so easy. If you’re looking for a solution that is both inexpensive and simple, consider hiring an expert or purchasing do-it-yourself kits. This may be the ideal choice for those who don’t want to totally overhaul their bathtub.

The new bathtub liner is more expensive to buy, but it is the right option if you want long-lasting results. A liner is a completely new addition, whereas refinishing just adds a little layer of fresh material. The downsides of buying a new bathtub liner are that they reduce the size of your tub somewhat and are more expensive.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are generally more expensive to install than renovating your tub since there are additional variables to consider. You’ll need to think about the shower doors, flooring, and walls.

Tile or Acrylic

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what material you’ll use in your shower. Choosing a low-cost alternative while still modifying the design of the shower may be easier said than done.

Acrylic and Fiberglass

Acrylic or fiberglass will be the most cost-effective option for replacing the shower. Acrylic panels are preassembled and may be quickly and easily attached to the shower walls. If you’re swapping out tile, make sure you remove all of it first to ensure you’re adhering the acrylic to a smooth one.

While this may sound like the cheaper option, you can still find designs and styles that complement any aesthetic that you’re going for. Whether it’s modern, industrial, or traditional, you’ll be able to find an acrylic panel that’s right for you. 

While this may appear to be the less expensive option, there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from that go with any style you want to create. Acrylic panels come in a variety of styles and designs, so whether you’re looking for something modern, industrial, or traditional, there’s sure to be a piece that’ll work.

Fiberglass shower pans are a fantastic low-cost alternative for your shower floor. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so you should have no trouble locating the perfect match for your space.

If you’re renovating a walk-in or shower stall, going this low-cost route with your shower is easier. If you’re switching from a tub to a walk-in, remember to add the cost of ripping out the tub and disposing of it.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the two most common types of tiling. Ceramic tiles are the superior option since they are not as pricey as porcelain ones. Both materials are long-lasting and durable, so if installed correctly, they should last a lifetime.

If you decide to re-tile your shower, the cost will most certainly rise. Once more, if you choose to DIY, you’ll save money. However, it is a time-consuming project that we recommend taking slowly and watching as many YouTube videos as possible to learn how the professionals do it. 

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Tile shjower panel

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