Full Bathroom Remodel Scope: What to Expect

bathroom remodel

Are you considering a full bathroom remodeling project? There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom: updating outdated fixtures and finishes, creating more storage, or adding a new shower or tub can all give your bathroom a fresh look and feel. But before you start demolition, be sure to plan ahead and understand the costs and potential headaches involved in a full bathroom renovation. 

For a full bathroom remodel Concord, the first step is usually to work on the “wet area” – this is the tub or shower area, walls, valve, door/shower rod, etc. You need to make sure this part is done right because it’s the most important part of the bathroom.

Almost all maintenance and safety issues in bathroom remodeling come from the wet area. This is because water can get behind the walls or under the floorboards, or it can be difficult to get into the tub or shower. To avoid these problems, you should design and install a tub or shower system that meets your needs.

But that’s not all! A full bathroom remodel includes more than just the wet area. You may need a new floor, the vanity and countertop, the toilet, and the lights. You might also have to paint and put in a ventilation fan. Plus, you might need to do some basic repair work like repairing damaged drywall or adding new outlets.

You will likely need to do some repairs or construction in terms of repairing damaged drywall and other patches, as well as possible electrical work to add new outlets. It is essential that everything is up to the latest building code for your city.

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