Discover the Transformative Power of Exterior Lighting Installation Services

Riverside, CA, November 28, 2022Dash Electric is proud to announce the completion of a successful exterior lighting installation at our client’s home in Riverside, CA.

Our client was looking for a way to make her home more appealing from the outside, and we were happy to help. There is no better way to make your home desirable than with an exterior lighting installation! She researched how much it would cost and looked up our company’s name thanks to a recommendation from our previous client, who is also a friend of hers. Upon seeing our work, she contacted us, and we consulted with her about the price and the benefits of an exterior lighting installation. As we transformed her outdoors into something more special, she was shocked at how beautiful it looked and complimented us by saying: “You’ve made the exterior of my home come to life! Having made such an amazing transformation shows your decades of experience. You know exactly what to do and how to do it!”

We were delighted to hear that our client was so happy with their new lights. We’re proud of what we do here at Dash Electric and look forward to many more projects like this one in the future!

Exterior lighting can reduce the risk of burglary and other property crimes

Making her home as safe as possible is one of the reasons why our client wanted to have exterior lighting installed in her front and back yards. Due to a recent break-in around the Riverside neighborhoods, she had to install security cameras and such. But she knew that it wouldn’t be enough. That’s why she opted for the next best thing, Exterior Lighting Installations. It’s killing two birds with one stone, she wanted to make her home beautiful from the outside as well as keep her home safe from intruders by being lit up.

Exterior Lighting is one of the most important parts of home security. It should be consistent, not harsh or startling—but it shouldn’t allow criminals any cover to operate in. Exterior lighting makes your home seem occupied, which deters intruders from breaking in and also makes it easier to navigate the property at night.

The best outdoor lighting is motion-activated: when someone approaches a door or window, the light automatically comes on. Motion-sensitive lights are also perfect for illuminating steps and walkways—they come on as soon as you approach! In order to make your home as safe as possible, have the electrician install exterior lights that shine on trees and shrubs. They are excellent hiding places for intruders, and an additional deterrent created by light fixtures near exterior doors is also effective—if not essential.

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Exterior lighting enhances the attractiveness of a home

Exterior Lighting has many benefits, but the biggest one is making your home more desirable for guests as well as potential buyers. As our client has stated, she wanted to transform her home into something more special from the outside, and we delivered.

Exterior lighting for your home can have a big impact on its appearance. Lighting tells people “This is my space, and I care about how it looks”—which not only helps differentiate you from other homes in your neighborhood but also boosts property values. Good exterior lighting can make your house stand out by:

  • Casting shadows across a building’s facade, adds dimension and depth. It also draws the eye from one part of the structure to another.
  • Giving your house a professional look that lets neighbors and passers-by know you care about the property.
  • Providing added protection against break-ins.

Exterior lighting makes it easier to find your way around

When you’re out there in the dark, it can be hard to find your way around. That’s why a few strategically-placed exterior lights can make all the difference.

Our client, who lives in a remote area far from any neighbors, was looking for a way to make her home more secure and comfortable. She wanted something that would make life easier for herself and her family when they were returning home after dark—and she had security concerns about being able to see who was approaching the house at night.

Fortunately for her, Dash Electric was able to install exterior lighting that addressed all of her concerns. Now she can easily find her way around at night, and she knows that if someone is approaching their home at night, they will be visible from afar.

Exterior lighting makes your household a safer place for guests

When it comes to security and safety, it’s easy to overlook the dangers of your home’s exterior. Bushes can hide burglars; toys and other obstacles can trip up guests. In order to keep everyone you love happy and healthy, you need lighting that casts a wide enough glow to light up your property after dark. Not only will this help your guests avoid tripping over anything in the yard, but it will also prevent attackers from lurking in the shadows.

As anyone who’s suffered a fall knows, getting injured outside is not pleasant. Most injuries that take place outside are due to uneven ground or slippery surfaces, and both of those problems are easily remedied with exterior lighting. Whether you choose an ornamental light or a path spotlight, you can illuminate any troublesome terrain in your yard without spending too much money on expensive landscaping projects or unneeded gardening services. That way your loved ones can play outside without the worry of stumbling into something or twisting an ankle on the lawn.

Exterior lighting can provide a number of benefits for your home and family. At Dash Electric, we are proud to offer our clients exterior lighting installation services that deliver transformative results. Our team is experienced in installing a variety of exterior lights, so you can be sure that your home will be well-lit and safe. If you’re interested in learning more about our exterior lighting installation services, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide a free consultation.

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