Dirty Air Ducts Can Pose A Serious Threat To Your Family’s Health

air duct cleaning

Indoor air pollution is becoming a larger concern and visibility. Many businesses are promoting goods and services that promise to improve the quality of your home’s indoor air. You’ve probably seen an ad, gotten a coupon in the mail, or been approached directly by a business that suggested cleaning your air ducts as a way to boost the quality of your home. These services can cost anywhere from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system, depending on the size of the system to be cleaned, accessibility, and other factors.

Before investing in a professional duct cleaning service, it’s important to understand what ducts are, how they become dirty, and what benefits you might gain from having them cleaned. Continue reading to learn more about indoor air quality and ducts.

What is duct cleaning and when do I need it? 

Duct cleaning is the removal of accumulated debris from various heating and cooling system components, including supply and return of air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchanger’s heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, as well as the air handling unit housing. While it’s important to regularly clean these areas to prevent build-up, you may also need to have your ducts professionally cleaned if they become significantly clogged.

The frequency of duct cleaning will vary depending on the type of home, the age of the ducts, and the level of usage. In general, it is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned every 3–5 years. If you have never had your ducts cleaned, or if it has been many years since the last cleaning, you may want to consider having them done more often.

During your duct cleaning, the technician will also inspect your ductwork for any damage or leaks. If they find any issues, they’ll likely recommend repairs or replacement. It’s important to have these issues addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costly repairs. Professional duct cleaning businesses will use specialized equipment to remove all of the debris from your ductwork, leaving it clean and clear. This process can also help to improve your home’s indoor air quality, as well as increase its overall efficiency.

air duct cleaning

Keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient with regular air duct cleaning

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of health problems. Many people don’t realize that their home’s air ducts can be a major contributor to poor air quality. In order to improve the quality of your indoor air, it’s important to have your ducts cleaned by a professional. Attic Pro TX offers comprehensive duct cleaning services that will improve your home’s indoor air quality and reduce the risk of health problems. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Attic Pro TX is a professional duct cleaning business in San Antonio that offers high-quality services to homeowners in the area. We use the latest equipment and techniques to clean your ductwork and vents, removing all of the dirt, dust, and debris that can build up over time. We also inspect your ducts for any damage or leaks and can make recommendations for repairs or replacements if necessary.

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