Benefits of Insulating an Attic

It’s common for homeowners to completely overlook their attic. They never think about getting it insulated so it can save them some money with lower cooling and heating bills. They also don’t understand how you can get valuable space in their attic for storing purposes. This is why many people that don’t have insulation, as they often just ignore their attics. However, by adding insulation to your attic, you’ll save much more money on cooling and heating bills because your home will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, it will make your home much more comfortable.

Makes your home more energy efficient

Insulation is a great way to lower your energy bill.

Heat travels. It moves out of your home in the winter and flows into your home in the summer. Proper attic insulation reduces this airflow so you don’t use as much energy to heat and cool your home. Insulation helps save money on heating and cooling costs because it reduces the energy needed to keep your house comfortable. Insulating an attic has been shown to save as much as 30% on heating bills and 20-25% on cooling bills.

Increased comfort

Insulating your attic is one of the easiest ways to increase the comfort of your home. Insulating your attic can help keep the temperature inside your house more consistent all year round, which means you won’t have to worry as much about opening windows to let in cool air during the summer or heating up space in the winter.

Prevent pests and mold

Insulating your attic keeps away pests and mold, which could otherwise cause damage to your home. Pests like rodents and bats can get into the attic and chew on wires, causing electrical fires. Molds can grow in the space between the ceiling tiles and the roof of an uninsulated attic, which can cause health problems for you and your family.

Makes your home quiet

Adding insulation to your attic keeps the noise down in your home by reducing how much sound can travel through the walls, floors, and ceilings. That’s because insulation helps dampen sound

waves so they don’t carry as far and wide. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment building or condo tower where there are other people living close by.

Insulating your attic is a simple and cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable. You might not realize it, but your attic can make or break the comfort of your home. Attic Pro TX is here to help you insulate your attic so that you can enjoy the benefits of more comfortable space. Contact us today to learn more!

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