Arc Energy Co. Announces the Addition of SunPower solar panels to its Product Line

Bakersfield, California, September 16, 2022 – Arc Energy Co. is pleased to announce the addition of SunPower solar panels to its product line. The move is a part of Arc’s mission to provide renewable energy at an affordable price to everyone in the state, regardless of income level or geographical location.

SunPower’s newest solar panels are designed to capture as much energy from the sun as possible, while also protecting against heat, dust, and moisture. The result is more power generated per square foot of land used up to 50% more than previous models!

Benefits of the new SunPower Solar Panels

By collaborating with SunPower, Arc Energy Co. can offer customers innovative products that are more affordable than ever before while also reducing their impact on the environment. These panels are made with high-efficiency cells, which allow them to generate electricity at lower temperatures than traditional panels while also increasing power output by up to 20%. This helps keep energy costs low even when it’s cold outside. These panels also have an integrated safety mechanism that prevents overheating during extreme weather conditions like high winds or rainstorms, which means no more worrying about whether your system will shut down due to weather-related damage!

SunPower is a leader in the solar panel industry and has been for over 30 years. They have been named by Forbes as one of the top ten most innovative companies for the last four years. Arc Energy Co. was looking for a partner that could provide high-quality solar panels at an affordable price. They found this with SunPower!

Arc Energy Co.’s partnership with SunPower will allow the company to offer SunPower panels to their customers who are interested in installing them in their homes or businesses.

Arc Energy Co.’s Goal

Arc Energy Co. was founded with the mission of helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their utility bills. The company’s goal is to become a leader in renewable energy solutions through innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

“We are excited about this partnership,” said Arc Energy’s Stephen Moynier. “Our goal is to help communities become more sustainable by providing them with renewable energy solutions that are affordable and reliable.”

Arc Energy Co. has been providing solar energy solutions for years and has seen considerable growth over the last few years, thanks to partnerships like this one with SunPower. They have also worked hard to increase their presence in rural areas where access to renewable sources of energy might not be as available as in urban areas.

“We know many customers want to go solar but can’t afford our high-end panels. With SunPower, we’re providing a way for those customers to save money on their energy bills and help protect the environment.” Arc Energy’s Stephen Moynier added.

Need a reliable solar panel service in Bakersfield, CA?

Arc Energy Co. offers solar panel service in Bakersfield and the nearby areas in California. They also provide backup batteries, solar batteries, renewable energy, and more. The company takes pride in responding immediately to every customer’s concerns. Contact Arc Energy Co. now for a fast and reliable solar panel service!

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