America Air Duct Cleaning Services Warns of Hidden Viruses and Bacteria in Air Ducts

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America Air Duct Cleaning Services would like to share some information about viruses and bacteria hiding in air ducts. The company has conducted extensive research on the subject and has found that while many people believe that these contaminants only exist outdoors, they can actually be found in air ducts as well. In fact, a recent study revealed that over 60% of homes have some level of contamination within their air duct systems. These harmful organisms can cause everything from the common cold to more serious health problems.

America Air Duct Cleaning Services is urging homeowners in Austin to have their air ducts cleaned regularly to protect themselves and their families from these harmful invaders. A professional air duct cleaning can remove all the dirt, dust, and debris that may be harboring dangerous viruses and bacteria. America Air Duct Cleaning Services offers free consultations to help homeowners determine if their home is at risk for viral or bacterial infection.

How Do Bacteria and Viruses Get Into Air Ducts?

Microbes will inevitably enter your home through people, pets, and pests. In most situations, they are carried by hosts and transmitted to others through direct contact rather than the air. This microbe can also become airborne and spread throughout your house environment and it’s hard not to expect that at least a few would wind up trapped in your ductwork.

Bacteria and viruses can be carried by humans or animals into your home through contact with their skin, hair, clothing, or mouth. These microorganisms can also be brought in on objects such as shoes, bags, or toys. Once they’re inside, they can be circulated throughout your home by your heating and cooling system.

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Air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, as they are warm and humid environments that are often left undisturbed for long periods of time. The combination of dust, debris, and moisture provides ideal conditions for these microbes to thrive. While most will remain in your ducts and die before they can infect anyone, a few will be carried throughout your house as soon as you turn on the heat or simply via normal air circulation.

Remove Viruses and Bacteria from Air Ducts with America Air Duct Cleaning Services

The best way to remove these dangerous contaminants from your air ducts is to hire a professional air duct cleaning company. America Air Duct Cleaning Services has the experience and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your air ducts and effectively remove all the dust, germs, mold, and other contaminants that may be harboring harmful viruses and bacteria.

America Air Duct Cleaning Services is a trusted name in the business of removing viruses and bacteria from air ducts. Based out of Austin, the company has been in operation for years, during which time it has helped countless homeowners and businesses keep their air ducts clean. America Air Duct Cleaning Services uses a unique two-step process to remove these contaminants from air ducts. First, a powerful vacuum is used to remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up over time. Next, a disinfectant solution is applied to kill any remaining viruses or bacteria. This two-step process is highly effective at removing contaminants from air ducts and ensuring that they remain clean and safe. America Air Duct Cleaning Services is a trusted name in the industry, and it is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service. Contact America Air Duct Cleaning Services today to schedule a consultation.

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